19 MAY 2013

The Pan South African Language Board (PanSALB) would like to add its voice of condolence to the Mbuli family about the passing of Vuyo Mbuli, iqabane of multilingualism.

This is indeed a colossal loss not only to the media and language fraternity, but also to the entire country.

Mbuli as affectionately known was not only a media mogul but also a cadre of the language movement, Mbuli largely and positively contributed to the promotion, preservation and protection of indigenous languages in the country. His introduction of topics with different languages during morning live has contributed immensely to multilingualism in the country.

In 2005 PanSALB awarded Mbuli with the Multilingualism Award in recognition of his commitment to multilingualism in the country. The objective of the PanSALB Multilingualism Awards is to promote and recognise exceptional work in the promotion of all official and other South African languages.

PanSALB would like to extend its sincere sympathy to his family, media, linguistic community and the society at large.

The country has indeed been robbed of a media stalwart, a multilingual icon with an original sense of humour.

His positive work will remain active with us in spirit and may his soul rest in peace.



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