About us


In pursuance of its vision, the PanSALB mission is to:

  • promote multilingualism
  • create conditions for the development and use of all South African official languages, including the Khoi, Nama and San languages, and South African Sign Language
  • promote respect and recognition for all languages, including previously marginalised languages and all other languages commonly used by South African communities
  • promote the development of previously marginalised languages
  • advocate for rights relating to language and the status of language
  • initiate, enable, and conduct research in accordance with the PanSALB mandate


The custodian of multilingualism to promote social cohesion in South Africa


PanSALB subscribes to the following values:


Commitment, dedication, punctuality, competence, and professional conduct in our work. Treating each other with dignity and respect


Open, honest, and transparent in all our operations and activities.


Accountable for actions towards clients, stakeholders, and one another. Ensuring quality of language products and language use for all formally marginalised official languages as well as the Khoi, Nama and San Languages, and South African Sign Language.


Provide clients and stakeholders with access to accurate, relevant, and timely information.

Board Objectives

  • To ensure effective PanSALB monitoring and oversight role in language related policy matters.
  • To ensure that PanSALB takes objective positions on language in education matters, which are informed by scientifically tested research and broad consultation.
  • To enable the institution to review and revisit its frameworks based on current research trends and applications.
  • To create an engagement tool for dialogue with the department of education and the general public at large.
  • To create a platform for engagement and objective evaluation of the language legislations and policies within the education fraternity.
  • To evaluate and identify failures, gaps , achievements, areas for improvement
    and recommendations towards PanSALB’s interventions.
  • To create and strengthen cordial relationships with various stakeholders
    within the language fraternity, government and the private sector.
  • To enhance and increase accessibility of information whilst also utilizing
    language as a resource for improvement of service delivery.
  • To contribute towards PanSALB’s service delivery model.
  • To create a research consultation platform/group in support of the PanSALB’s research-based advisory mandate.