16 October 2015


International Dictionary Day

16 OCTOBER 2015

The Pan South African Language Board (PanSALB) in conjunction with the South African National Lexicography Unit will tomorrow, 16 October 2015 commemorate the International Dictionary Day.

This is an important celebration aimed at recognising the lexicography and terminology development to promote, preserve and protect the importance of official languages.

This day was established in tribute to the famous American dictionary writer, Noah Webster, who was born on 16 October 1758.

He is heralded as the father of the modern dictionary.

PanSALB) strongly believe the International Dictionary Day marks an important day in the calendar in our history as it restores the importance of linguistic rights and literature not only in the country but to the entire globe, and most importantly because if forms part of our daily lives.

As the custodian of multilingualism in the country, PanSALB strongly believes language should enhance equality and equitability that will unite and not create distances between people.  Therefore, dictionaries form part of such important foundation, which sincerely helps in the purpose of communication.

“This celebration is actual a restoration of what languages mean as we have in 2001 established the lexicography unit to focus on terminology development aimed at advancing the importance of official languages” said the chief executive officer of the Pan South African Language Board, Dr Rakwena Reginald Mpho Monareng.

“PanSALB stands firm that language is the fundamental human right that should be nurtured at all the times to protect human dignity and individual rights. Therefore, dictionaries play a major role in making the right a possible success” added Dr Monareng.



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