16 July 2013


PanSALB dedicate women’s month to Nadine Gordimer

16 JULY 2013

The Pan South African Language Board (PanSALB) is deeply saddened by the announcement of the passing away of  Nobel Prize winning author, an anti-apartheid revolutionary who fostered racial reconciliation, Nadine Gordimer

“In honour of her life and work, The Board has decided to dedicate Women’s Month (August) to her,”” said the newly appointed Chairperson of PanSALB, Professor Mbulungeni Madiba.

Gordimer was not only a legendary author but a political activist who died at the age of 90.  She was one amongst the first to try to take account of the emerging literature of the rest of Africa, in the Black Interpreters of 1973.

Her fiction as she often said, especially when declining to write an autobiography was the truest she could write.

In the first big academic study of Gordimer’s work, “History from the Inside” (1986) by Stephen Clingman, the critic placed her work along a path of growing awareness of South Africa’s social and political crisis under apartheid regime.

Gordimer’s writing embodied her passion for the demise of apartheid, and focused on themselves of love, hate and friendship under the pressure of the racial segregation system and policies of colonialism.

She has published her first successful book at the age of 15

Gordimer was amongst the brave men and women of our country who championed the social role of arts, music and literature in advancing the struggle against apartheid and for freedom, equality and democracy.

“South Africa has lost a voice that is revered across the globe for her literary command and impact.  She leaves behind a collection of important work that has influenced many South Africans. The country has lost a great patriot, a renowned writer and an outstanding voice for equality and freedom,” lamented Madiba.

He added that Gordimer has strongly and largely contributed to the promotion of literature in the country during difficult times of apartheid.  Her death leaves us with a sense of loss, but she will always be with us through her works.

“On behalf of PanSALB, the literary community spectrum and the country at large, we would like to extend our sincere words of condolences.  May her soul be at eternal peace, he concluded.



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