The awards shall be bestowed upon groups or individuals for service to the South African linguistic community. Such service could take any form, e.g. programmes aimed at promoting the use of all the official languages, landmark language-related work, a campaign to increase public awareness of the linguistic profession, etc.


An award may relate to one specific event/programme or to a number of endeavours or sustained service over a period of time. Nominations must be made on an official nomination form and comply with all requirements. Nominations that do not comply, will be disqualified.


The ceremony will be held in any of the provinces, at the discretion of the Board. The awards shall comprise:

  • cash, a certificate and a trophy
  • certificates and trophy
  • certificate only.
  The following information should be included:
  • Name Contact details
  • Category being entered into
  • Biographical sketch of individual or background information on the group nominated
  • Electronic colour photograph of individual or group (critical for multi-media production)
  • The closing date for nominations is 15 January 2018
  • Entries can be posted, emailed, faxed or delivered to PanSALB: PanSALB, Private Bag X08, Arcadia, 0007
  • PanSALB, 523 Stanza Bopape Street, 5th floor Provisus Building, ArcadiaEmail: Fax-to-email: 086 664 0214
  • The process shall be open and transparent.
  • Entry forms that do not meet the requirements will be disqualified.
  • The decision of the Adjudication Panel is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Each entrant assumes full responsibility in respect of the entry and quality of support material and discharges the Adjudication Panel from any responsibility in respect of third parties.
  • Members of the awards project team and Adjudication Panel are not eligible for the awards or for nomination.
  • Where judges believe that an entry has been entered into the incorrect category, they have the right to change it to a suitable category.
  • The awards may be made to an individual, a group of individuals or an institution/company/organisation.
  • Anything not provided for in these rules may be decided by the Executive Committee of the Board.
  • In some cases PanSALB may bear the costs for the final nominees to attend the award ceremony.
  • Any submitted material may not be claimed back after the competition, unless prior arrangements have been made.